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Believers Church Bible Commentary: Hebrews

Believers Church Bible Commentary: Hebrews

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  • Author:: Debra Bucher and Estella Boggs Horning
  • Publisher:: Herald Press
Product Code: 9781513805979
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In the 37th volume in the Believers Church Bible Commentary series, scholars Debra J. Bucher and Estella Horning examine at great length one important aspect of Hebrews: Jesus as the "new covenant" and the "once for all," better sacrifice who replaces the daily and yearly sacrifices offered in the temple in Jerusalem. The authors give attention to the ways this idea has been used to minimize the value of other religious traditions and even to legitimize the horrors of the mid-twentieth century. They carefully unpack the language around sacrifice and covenant based on the saving work of Jesus, drawing out encouragement found in Hebrews to live as individuals and as a community led by Jesus, the pioneer and high priest.


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