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How the Body of Christ Talks The #MeToo Reckoning: Facing the Church's Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct New Christians
How the Body of Christ Talks
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New Christians
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Addresses why conversation has become such a challenge in the 21st century and shows how church communities can be training hubs where we learn to talk to each other, since conversation is at the very heart of our Christian faith. The #MeToo movement has revealed sexual abuse in every sphere of society, including the church. But all too often, churches have been complicit in protecting abusers, reinforcing patriarchal power dynamics, and creating cultures of secrecy, shame, and silence. Disclosing candid stories of abuse, pastor and survivor Ruth Everhart offers God's hope to survivors while shining a light on the prevalence of sexual misconduct within faith communities. What the emergent church movement is all about and why it matters to the future of Christianity following on the questions raised by Brian McLaren in A New Kind of Christian, Tony Jones has written an engaging exploration of what this new kind of Christianity looks like. Writing dispatches about the thinking and practices of adventurous emergent Christians across the country, he offers an in-depth view of this new "third way" of faith--its origins, its theology, its views of truth, Scripture, and interpretation, and its hopeful and life-giving sense of community. With the depth of theological expertise and broad perspective he has gained as a pastor, writer, and leader of the movement, Jones initiates readers into the emergent conversation and offers a new way forward for Christians in a post-Christian world. With journalistic narrative as well as authoritative reflection, he draws upon on-site research to provide fascinating examples and firsthand stories of who is doing what, where, and why it matters.
We Will Feast Beating Guns On Reading Well
We Will Feast
List Price: $18.99
Internet Price: $18.99
Beating Guns
Internet Price: $19.99
On Reading Well
Internet Price: $19.99
The gospel story is filled with meals. It opens in a garden and ends in a feast. Records of the early church suggest that believers met for worship primarily through eating meals. Over time, though, churches have lost focus on the centrality of food-- and with it a powerful tool for unifying Christ's diverse body.

But today a new movement is under way, bringing Christians of every denomination, age, race, and sexual orientation together around dinner tables. Men and women nervous about stepping through church doors are finding God in new ways as they eat together. Kendall Vanderslice shares stories of churches worshiping around the table, introducing readers to the rising contem-porary dinner-church movement. We Will Feast provides vision and inspiration to readers longing to experience community in a real, physical way.
Inspired by the prophetic image of beating swords into plows, this book is for people who want to forge hope for a peaceful world. The authors provide a provocative look at gun violence in America and offer a clarion call to change our hearts regarding one of the most significant moral issues of our time.
An acclaimed author helps readers learn to love life, literature, and God through their encounters with great writing.

Canoeing the Mountains The Church of Us vs. Them
Canoeing the Mountains
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The Church of Us vs. Them
Internet Price: $21.99
Do you ever feel that you are leading in uncharted territory? Pastor and consultant Tod Bolsinger draws on decades of expertise guiding churches and organizations in this expanded practical leadership resource, offering illuminating insights and practical tools to help you reimagine what effective church leadership looks like in our rapidly changing world. Arguing that the church has lost itself in the grip of an antagonistic culture, David Fitch takes a close look at what drives the vitriol and division in our congregations and offers new patterns and practices for being the presence of Christ in the world.