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Outrageous and Courageous

Outrageous and Courageous

  • Author:: Fred Bernhard, Jeremy Ashworth
  • Publisher:: Westbow Press
Product Code: 9781490822785
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This is a book about making friends and sharing faith.

It's also about sock balls, bloodsuckers, an epidemic of loneliness, and the RSVP Bible.

It's about not grabbing people by the head, not lying to ourselves as we tell the truth, not being a coward, and not letting the bad stories carry the day.

It's about crucifying our excuses.

It's about showing hospitality, paying attention, and embracing risk.

It's about building real relationships and loving people and sharing Jesus.

And it's a little bit about a homeless man named Mona Lisa.

Authors Jeremy Ashworth and Fred Bernhard are pastors. Both are nice; neither is famous.


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