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Grace Goes to Prison

Grace Goes to Prison

9 Reviews
  • Author:: Melanie G. Snyder
  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
Product Code: 9780871781284
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In 1975, a 37 year-old homemaker named Marie Hamilton started visiting a group of prison inmates with one simple idea: to look for and affirm the good in them. In the 30 years that followed, she expanded that vision, creating unique programs to educate, empower and support inmates to be successful when paroled. Her volunteer work has challenged the conventional wisdom about how to deal with criminals. She’s had no formal education in criminal justice, she isn’t part of the “system”, yet her programs have become an integral part of Pennsylvania’s prison system.

Discover how this quiet woman touched the lives of thousands by tearing down the walls of mistrust, bringing respect and humanity to people on both sides of the prison bars.


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( 9 )
Charles Roberts from Dresher, PA United States
November 21, 2009
More than inspiring...enlightening, too!
This book goes beyond being a wonderful story about a truly caring soul who pursues a career of providing hope and inspiration to prisoners. It also challenges the reader to face incredibly timely and relevant issues, such as the need and cost of keeping people locked up for life without parole, the lack of emphasis on prisoner rehabilitation and societal re-entry, the budget-busting expendit
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G. Gehrett from Charlottesville, VA United States
November 20, 2009
Grace Goes to Prison
This compelling story of how one woman's courage and caring made a difference in the lives of so many is inspiring. It is also a wake-up call for us as a society to look at the long term harm caused by our current policies of incarceration without emphasis on rehabilitation. Melanie Snyder draws us into the world of prison inmates and staff with stories of humanity, heartbreak, and love. "Grace
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Jon Singer from Lancater, PA United States
October 29, 2009
It Consumed every spare moment
I highly recommend this book to anyone involved in prison work or prison ministry. It captivates so well that inmates are human beings after all, most just making stupid/impulsive decisions. With many more Maries and programs like CentrePeace working with inmates, recidivism can be reduced and thus, the need for more prisons/jails. Jon Singer, Executive Director, Lancaster Area Victim Offender Rec
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Nancy Neiman-Hoffman from Norwich, CT United States
October 28, 2009
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Restorative Justice
Grace Goes to Prison is the story of one woman's 30-year volunteer ministry in the Pennsylvania prison system. Blessed with a remarkable gift, Marie Hamilton is able both to envision and execute new ways of thinking about incarceration. The book, by Melanie G. Snyder, is a non-theoretical, engaging account of restorative versus retributive justice. Some readers will question this shift from a m
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M Hollinger from Elizabethtown, PA United States
October 20, 2009
One is quickly drawn into this book and feels compelled to try to understand the population being served as well as the committment of those serving. Coming from a peace-perspective background, it was so encouraging to see how it was acted out on many occasions and to hear the positive results of such a witness. I was horrified at some of the experiences of the subject, but rejoiced when the pos
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