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Brethren During the Age of World War, The: The Church of the Brethren Encounter with Modernization, 1914-1950

Brethren During the Age of World War, The: The Church of the Brethren Encounter with Modernization, 1914-1950

  • Author:: Stephen L. Longenecker
  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
Product Code: 9780871780751
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How the plain, rural, sectarian Brethren--mostly farmers and homemakers--handled the challenges of the first half of the 20th century. Addition to the series of Brethren source books. The first half of the twentieth century meant great change for the Brethren. Two world wars, the modern industrial economy, the Great Depression, the rise of popular culture, the changing role of women, increasing secularization, growing individualism--some Brethren saw these as challenges and opportunities; others resisted them. The Brethren During the Age of World War uses documents, books from the period, articles, Annual Conference deliberations and decisions, interviews, letters, diaries, and the writer's own trenchant observations to show how Brethren rose to these challenges, absorbed them, or fought them. Durnbaugh dedication: Among the many people Longenecker credited with helping and influencing him is the late Brethren historian Donald F. Durnbaugh, who wrote the first two source books. Longenecker writes, "Even a cursory glance at this book's footnotes reveals how much I stand on his shoulders." One of the book's dedications is to Durnbaugh. About the author: Stephen L. Longenecker is professor of history and chair of the Department of History and Political Science at Bridgewater (Va.) College. He is also the author of Shenandoah Religion: Outsiders and the Minstream in the Shenandoah Valley, 1750-1861 (Baylor University Press, 2002); Piety and Tolerance: Pennsylvania German Religion, 1700-1850 (Scarecrow Press, 1994); and Selma's Peacemaker: Ralph E. Smeltzer and Civil Rights Mediation (Temple University Press, 1987). Other volumes in the source book series: European Origins of the Brethren, by Donald F. Durnbaugh The Brethren in Colon ial America, by Donald F. Durnbaugh The Brethren in the New Nation, by Roger Sappington The Brethren in Industrial America, by Roger Sappington


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