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Shoes of Peace: Letters to Youth From Peacemakers

Shoes of Peace: Letters to Youth From Peacemakers

  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
Product Code: 9780871780454
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The people whose letters are in this book have stepped over the lines of authority, facing right up to life-threatening danger. Some have been sent to prison and hauled into court; some have withheld a little of themselves from violent governments by not paying war taxes or by declaring themselves conscientious objectors. Some died working for peace in the midst of war. All of them have stayed true to the teachings of Christ as far as they were able. They are witnesses for peace because there is joy in it. They have found that real joy in life comes from bold and active faith.This is a compilation of letters written to youth, yet the gospel message of peace they proclaim applies to all ages. Writers, such as Ted Studebaker, David R. Miller, Bob Gross, Andy Murray, Paul Grout, and SueZann Bosler share their experiences as they have strived to live peaceably with all.


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