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Without Fear or Hesitation

Without Fear or Hesitation

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  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
Product Code: WOFDVD0591
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The early Brethren risked persecution and imprisonment for their new faith. They gave up safe homes to live in places where it was hard to make a living. This is the story of those fearless, dramatic beginnings. They wrote: "We must publicly proclaim that which Christ Jesus taught and did without hesitation or fear."Without Fear or Hesitation: An Interactive Encounter with the Early Brethren invites you to explore the world and social conditions that lead to the formation of a new Christian movement in Schwarzenau in 1708. Through seven narrated episodes the story of the early Brethren from 1689 to 1736 comes to life. More than ninety side stories are provided for additional exploration. Contemporary photography and historical images combine with period music and a gripping story to bring these brave brothers and sisters to life.Created by Brethren Press in partnership with eMountain Communications and Cedar House Group.
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