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Schwarzenau 1708-2008

Schwarzenau 1708-2008

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  • Author:: Otto Marburger
  • Publisher:: Brethren World Assembly
Product Code: SCHWARZ1452
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300 years after the first baptism in 1708, the 2008 Brethren World Assembly convenes in Schwarzenau, the birthplace of the Brethren. This book illustrates the shared history of the Brethren and the village Schwarzenau. Authors from Schwarzenau and the Bad Barleburg region as well as authors from different Brethren bodies have contributed. The intensified relations between the village residents and many Brethren visitors since the 1980s have led to numerous friendships and to the founding of the Alexander Mack Museum in Schwarzenau. Donald F. Durnbaugh was a crucial figure in this process. This book is dedicated to his memory. Proceeds from the book support the Alexander Mack Museum.


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