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Refusing War, Affirming Peace

Refusing War, Affirming Peace

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  • Author:: Jeffrey Kovac
  • Publisher:: Oregon State University Press
Product Code: 9780870715754
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One of the untold stories of America's World War II experience belongs to the thousands who refused military service for reasons of conscience, instead serving their country through non-military alternate service. Refusing War, Affirming Peace offers an intimate view of a single Civilian Public Service Camp, Camp #21 at Cascade Locks, Oregon, one of the largest and longest-serving camps in the system- and one of the most unusual.
Under the leadership of a remarkable director, Rev. Mark Y. Schrock, and some outstanding camp leaders, the men at Camp #21 created a vibrant community. Despite the requisite long days of physical labor, the men developed a strong educational program, published a newspaper and a literary magazine, produced plays and concerts, and participated in a special school and research project called the School of Pacifist Living. They also challenged the Selective Service System in two political protests-one concerning the threatened removal of a Japanese American, George Yamada, and a second concerning a war related work project. Their story shows the CPS system at its best.


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