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Where The Evidence Leads

Where The Evidence Leads

  • Author:: Robert C. Johansen
  • Publisher:: Oxford University Press
Product Code: 9780197586655
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By shifting American security policy away from maximizing military power for the United States and toward maximizing human security for all, policymakers and citizens can also maximize national security for the United States and sustainable peace for the world.

Why do war and political violence persist? Political realists argue that violent conflict and the struggle for power are inherent in the international system, and there is little we can do but manage it. However, as Robert Johansen argues in this path-breaking work, there are other ways forward. In
Where the Evidence Leads, Johansen develops an empirical realist theory to enable the United States to respond more effectively to rising security threats. Together, peace research and security studies show that more security benefits are likely to result from maximizing the causes or correlates
of peace than from maximizing military power. Ironically, a global grand strategy for human s
ecurity, with national security folded into it, is likely to produce more security for the United States than a national security strategy.


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