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Two or Ninety-Two: For Youngsters and Oldsters and Those Who Care for Them

Two or Ninety-Two: For Youngsters and Oldsters and Those Who Care for Them

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  • Author:: Anna Mow.
  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
Product Code: 9780871780386
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Anna Mow's wisdom is simple and timeless. She speaks to all people, whether young, old, or someplace in between. These short, faith-filled sketches will inspire readers to live fully in their relationship with God and with one another.Anna Mow was a friend to everyone she met. Born in 1893, she served as a missionary to India, taught at Bethany Seminary, wrote ten books on Christian living, and was named Virginia's Mother of the Year in 1973. This collection of wisdom was dictated to her children during her 92nd and final year of life.Two or Ninety-Two is a delightful gift for marking life's many passages.Contents:Part IThe first time I thought of it, I laughed.You'll be suprised.My subject? -- I'm ashamed to tell you --but the title of this part is ...Victims of KindnessFor Oldsters and Those Who Care for ThemPart IIWe want the children to be freein this crazy world.We could call this chapter ...Boundaries and Freedom For Youngsters and Those Who Care for ThemNo child is so insecure as the onewho doesn't know his boundaries.Anna's Prayer


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