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Special 150th Anniversary Edition (Spring 2022): Life in Christ

Special 150th Anniversary Edition (Spring 2022): Life in Christ

  • Author:: Various
  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
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This special edition of A Guide for Biblical Studies celebrates the 150th anniversary of the International Sunday School Lessons, which has formed the biblical basis of our quarterly adult curriculum for over 130 years.

Brethren Press has gathered thirteen previously published Guide lessons, each by a different writer, that focus on the theme of life in Christ. This collection of Guide lessons mirrors the best of who we are and what we believe as the Church of the Brethren, and illustrates what’s possible when we collaborate well with other members of the body of Christ.

Please note that the lessons in this special edition will not follow the current cycle, so plan accordingly if you supplement your study by use of other commentaries and resources based on the International Sunday School Lessons.

Click here to preview the first two lessons of this special edition.


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