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For My Neighbor's Good

For My Neighbor's Good

  • Author:: Nate Polzin
  • Publisher:: Church of the Brethren
Product Code: DLF2024
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A Five Week Brethren Evangelism Training

This curriculum focuses on helping Brethren connect the story of their personal encounter with Jesus with the needs of others in their neighborhoods who have not yet met Jesus. Rather than trying to memorize a script or a set of answers to pre-formulated questions, we will work to help Christians unlock their personal testimonies.

Another aspect of this course will be to develop a team approach to evangelism. We will talk about how the whole church can be involved in helping individual members share Jesus with their neighbors, and how all Christians need to think about their reputation in their community. Participants will be asked to think about how things in their congregation may feel and look to visitors, along with other helpful exercises to make our church spaces and services more accessible to guests.

These and other topics will be covered by a mix of Bible study, small group sharing, projects and more. It will be a fun and faith-building time together!


Session Titles

a.Finding Your Story

b.Meeting People Where They Are

c.The Church’s Reputation

d.As You Are Going…

e.Prepare for Guests


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