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Vital Passions, Holy Practices: Exploring Spiritual Gifts

Vital Passions, Holy Practices: Exploring Spiritual Gifts

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  • Author:: Church of the Brethren Congregational Life Ministries
  • Publisher:: Congregational Life
Product Code: CLT1987
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Created foruse alone or as a resource within the Vital Ministry Journey, VitalPassions, Holy Practices: Exploring Spiritual Gifts helps congregationswork in community to re-imagine their ministries. It starts with a Bible study,with small groups meeting to examine and pray about how scripture describesspiritual gifts. Those same groups then work together toward a community-basedassessment of personal gifts and passions. But this tool doesn’t just helppeople plug into existing ministries. Instead, you will be encouraged tobroaden the assessment to consider the collective gifts of the congregation.With this approach, you just might end up with a passion-driven faithcommunity, fully using the gifts of the body to strengthen each other and allGod’s people!

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