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Ten Reasons to Love Leviticus

Ten Reasons to Love Leviticus

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  • Author:: Robert W. Neff and Frank Ramirez
  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
Product Code: 9780871782366
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Leviticus has become synonymous with repressive laws,antiquated rituals, and boredom. Most Christians avoid it. This study hopes tochange minds by showing how valuable Leviticus is to a life of faith. Everyliving thing is sacred, especially the animals we eat. Boundaries areessential, not as a means of shutting people out but as a way to draw othersin. Sin and broken relationships are real, but there are avenues forreconciliation. And loving the outsider, the alien, as yourself is the pinnacleof holy living. Leviticus challenges us to live ethically, authentically, andboldly.


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