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1&2 Kings: Kings and Their Prophets

1&2 Kings: Kings and Their Prophets

  • Author:: Christopher D. Bowman & Robert C. Bowman
  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
Product Code: 9780871782113
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First and Second Kings reflect on the balance between king and prophet in the history of Israel. This strange, abiding relationship isn’t as clearly defined as you’d think. Prophets are not always good and kings are not always bad. We need both. Without prophets, even our religion tends to be self-serving. Without administrators, organizers, and kings we drift, dream, and do nothing. This study provides a closer look at some of these kings and their prophets, and the background on why these stories were written. Through study and reflection, we may learn something about power and faithfulness, and how to move through periods of transition, back then and right now.


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