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1 John: The Believing Community

1 John: The Believing Community

  • Author:: Larry D. Fourman
  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
Product Code: 9780871781833
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The letter of 1 John was written to Christian believers struggling to live out their faith in the midst of internal conflict. A group of false teachers had infiltrated the community and were teaching unorthodox beliefs about Jesus Christ—dismissing his full humanity—and inciting division and hatred. The author encourages the community to return to basic Christian beliefs, and stirs them to confess sin and love one another. First John is a letter for our times, and for all our congregations going through conflict. Through a covenantal approach to reading scripture, this study invites us on a journey of spiritual formation that provides insight on what it means to be a discerning body of believers—held together by a common bond of love and commitment to truth.


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