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Cup of Cold Water: The Story of Brethren Service

Cup of Cold Water: The Story of Brethren Service

  • Author:: J. Kenneth Kreider.
  • Publisher:: Brethren Press
Product Code: 9780871780331
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A Cup of Cold Water recounts the story of ordinary Brethren volunteers and the incredible work they accomplished. They were vital in rebuilding Europe in the decades after World War II. They offered life and faith to the far corners of the world -- China, Nigeria, and Latin America. And they served hurting communities in one of the most rich and powerful nations of the world, the United States. "Brethren Service touched countless lives. It initiated numerous services that continue in a variety of forms and under many names and sponsoring groups. It is time to have this story put together in one place. Kenneth Kreider, an enthusiastic participant in a variety of Brethren Service programs, has contributed a gift of love by putting this story in writing."--Hazel Peters, Administrative Assistant, Brethren Service Commission (1953-1968), and member of BVS Unit #5 (1949)"The remarkable explosion of Brethren Service activity during and following World War II deserves to be recognized and heralded for the great achievement it undoubtedly was. The creativity, energy, and daring of the leaders of the movement were made possible by the staunch support and sacrifice of the membership of the Church of the Brethren. Though a relatively small denomination, the Brethren won world-wide attention and respect because of this effort. Through diligent search of the sources and many personal interviews, Ken Kreider has succeeded in capturing the substance and spirit of Brethren Service."--Donald F. Durnbaugh, director, Brethren Service Commission in Austria (1953-56); professor emeritus of church history, Bethany Theological Seminary; archivist, Juniata College.


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