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New Anabaptists

New Anabaptists

  • Author:: Stuart Murray
  • Publisher:: Herald Press
Product Code: 9781513812984
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A new incarnation of Anabaptism is emerging, but not where we might expect. In the United Kingdom--a post-Christendom context with little historical Anabaptist presence--Christian communities are embodying fresh expressions of Anabaptist faith and practice. In this companion to The Naked Anabaptist, author Stuart Murray identifies twelve common practices of such churches and communities that are shaped by an Anabaptist vision.
Murray explores how these practices--which include encouraging economic radicalism in the face of rampant consumerism, truth-telling in a "post-truth" society, and accountability in an individualistic culture that knows little about the Christian story--might shape emerging Christian communities and inspire those seeking fresh expressions as cultural changes accelerate. The book concludes with three on-the-ground reports from ministry leaders pursuing this Anabaptist vision in their own post-Christendom contexts.

The New Anabaptists provides foundational resources for followers of Jesus in many different settings as they rise to the challenge of faithful and radical discipleship in local communities.


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